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Measurement and Stern Gerlach Experiments review articles?

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    Hi everyone

    In my attempt to understand the details of Stern Gerlach experiments and measurment issues in quantum mechanics, I have come to believe that there is a lot to be learnt from some of the basic thought experiments like interference and Stern Gerlach described in books. Unfortunately, I have not found books that deal with these issues in considerable rigour, as these topics are usually preludes to formalism and abstraction.

    I was hoping someone could point me to review articles on the Stern Gerlach Experiment where some of these things have been discussed in more detail both physically and mathematically. I am looking for them on google and arxiv, but I find very specific articles about entanglement, coherence, spin, etc. which of course I want to read too, but a more evolutionary approach would be desirable.

    If you have any specific suggestions about books or papers, please do reply to this thread.

    Thanks and cheers,
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    Sorry for not paying attention to PF, I've been so busy lately.

    Julian Schwinger defined a version of QM now called "Schwinger's Measurement Algebra". It's based on the algebra of Stern-Gerlach experiments. Here, "algebra" means what happens when you hook up the output streams of Stern-Gerlach experiments to the inputs of other Stern-Gerlach experiments (multiplication), or when you take the outputs of two S-G experiments and combine them (addition).

    This is a favorite subject of mine so I started a website with links to the original papers (which are quite readable):

    Schwinger's measurement algebra is said to be quite elegant.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, both to this thread and the other one. I am sorry for the late acknowledgment, I'll take a good look at your web site and the thread. Thanks again.
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