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Mech. Engineering bachelor for grad in Physics

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    My main question is: is that hard for a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering to go for a Master and Doctor degree in physics?

    I'm asking because I'm a freshman in Mechanical Engineering and from what I have seen so far, that's probably not what I have asked for. In fact, I compare both Physics and Mechanical Engineering grades and the only disciplines I find attractive in ME are the ones which are directly linked to physics (Waves and Heat, Mechanics, Theoretical Physics, Fluid Mechanics, etc). In fact, other Engineerings seem to be more appealing to me.

    My problem is: my University holds one of the top (if not the best) Mechanical Engineering course in the country, but the Physics course sucks. Going to another University is not an option because I probably wouldn't be able to afford plus my family would hate if I went to another state to study Physics.

    I'm considering if I should drop a top engineering program for a below-average physics course. In fact, I have a friend who dropped Mechanical Engineering for Mathematics in the same University and he is hating how below-average the program is.

    What's holding me into Mechanical Engineering are the opportunities this program will give me (international interchange, a respected curriculum and a guaranteed job) and the option to go for a Master's and Doctor's program in Aerospace Engineering.


    Also, if possible, I would like to know which fields can a Mechanical Engineer work that are directly related to physics (mainly researching, what's problem what I will do anyway).
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    In general, it will be very tough. What they teach is ME is not sufficient to study graduate level physics. Even in mechanics/thermodynamics, ME and physics approach them very differently.

    Is it possible for you to explore double major? There were people who double major physics and ME when I was in school.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Double major is not an option because it's not possible in Brazil. All I can do is take a few disciplines from Physics course, which I will be doing if I keep on ME. But it will be almost impossible to do every discipline from ME and Physics course in my 5 years of graduation because ME program is already very though.
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