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Mechanical engineer and physicist?

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    Well i would to have a career that have a lot of physics and that one is mechanical engineerng.
    But i also want to se some day quantum mechanics or something like that, but i dont go in the career of physicist becouse of the low job oportunities, especially here in my country. So it viable to be a mechanical engineer and at the same time or after finishing the engineering go in physics?. Also is to late to become really good at math and physics at the age of 17?
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    Dude your only 17? I'm 21 and am about to start Calc 1, and theres plenty of people here who are much older than me who are going back to school for physics/engineering. Don't worry about age, your still young and at a good age to decide what you'd like to try.

    You could double major in physics and ME? If you did this of course you would be very busy for about 5 years. By knowing your age and the questions you have asked on the forum, its clear that you haven't started college yet, but you are at least interested in a general area. You will know if you want to do physics or ME after a year or so in school, and after that amount of time the classes you would have taken for those majors won't be THAT different.

    If your leaning towards ME, go to school and take the first year courses, which will probably be physics courses too, and then you will have a much better idea of what you want to do.

    Lastly, its usually harder for people to go from engineering in undergrad, to physics in grad school. This is simply because physics covers more topics and has more breadth. But it IS possible. I know a physics phd student now who graduated with a B.S. in Aerospace and told me he took some of the physics major courses as a non-degree student before applying to grad school.
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    Thanks a lot for your answer men. I will start puting great effort in my studies today. i need to improve my math skills(i had a examn today and i kinda got it bad). Science for ever!!
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    Dude, do what you want, (btw what country is it, sometimes helps us to know), I'm only 18 and I was undecided for a long time, but I finally gave into physics. I mean 17 is still really young, start studying math and physics for fun do contest questions, olympiad etc. Doesn't matter what you get or how you do, its just for fun!! By the way ever considered aerospace? If you get into rocket propulsion there's tons of physics (something I'm considering to do). Go double major mech and physics I know lots of people who do :D
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    Hello thanks for the answer. I live in El Salvador and the only university that have the career of physics is the national universitie, it has a licenciature and a master degree in physics. Here is almost no industry, less thinking in aerospace, maybe if i get good grades at universitie, and as you say, start doing math and physics for the real fun, i could be able to emigrate as skilled labor?.
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