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Mechanical engineering: weapons

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    If I become a Mechanical Engineer would I be able to develope weapons for the Military? If not what should I become to develope weaspons?
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    Join the military, THEN go to school. I don't think thy let couch potato nerds like us develop weapons. You need combat experience or else your designs will be crap.
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    What a bunch of nonsense... :rolleyes:
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    Mechanical (or perhaps aerospace) engineering are good general subjects for a route into working on weapons. What aspect of weapons design are you interested in? There are many specialist areas of weapons which require knowledge and experience from fields such as chemistry, control systems, nuclear physics, aerodynamics....
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    Electrical is also a good branch, depending on what kind of or what part of weapons you want to develop. There's even some use for materials engineering.
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    What aspect of weapons do you like? Also what sort of weapons?

    If you are talking guns and other projectile, then literally every branch of mechanical engineering is used. From tribology of the moving parts, to highly precise machining processes to system design.

    Bomb design has other considerations, no real moving parts but material and chemistry are key.

    But as russ pointed to, electronics and control systems are key for modern smart wepaons.
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    Well I do shoot a variaty of guns as a sport. From M1 Garands, to shotguns, to sks' I shoot a ton.

    And I design all sorts of weapons. Ive got guns, missiles, vehicles, and weapons of destruction.
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    Kalrag, of all the posts you could have responded to, you respond to the only post in this thread that won't even remotely help you.

    Also, why are you asking what you need to be a weapons designer if you have already 'designed all sorts of weapons'?
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    Until reading this, I never realized how freakish some of my own previous posts might have seemed.
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    hi for every body

    how can i design a helical coiled thermal fluid heater
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    Does this seem like the right place to ask your question mahmoud? ......
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    Aren't there engineering schools within the military?
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    Yeah they do, but they won't teach you to design weapons specifically just becuase it's in the military, engineering doesn't work like that.

    The technical problems in designing a weapon are no different from designing anything else that has a high rate of reciprocation, precision parts and high temp high pressure operation.
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    Ranger Mike

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    this whole topic turned right onto pit road at the end of the straight going into turn one on the first lap.....PARK IT, already.....
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    Not exactly. I'm a nerd, I'm a woman (worst of everything!) and I've worked on that...
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    sorry i havent been posting. Im on vacation. But anyway It is very hard to determine what type of weapon I would like to design for a living. Ive narrowed it down to Firearms, ground vehicles, underwater vehicles, or bombs both dropped by planes and hand thrown. What type of engineer would I have to become to make these. Math the engineer to the weapon to clear up confusion.
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    You could be any type of engineer you can think of and work on any of the above. Seriously i'm not joking, it's just what area of the design you would work in.

    The broad answer is mechanical.
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    Mechanical. Definetely.
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    I'm going to take a different angle on this thread...

    When I was a freshman in Mechanical Engineering I wanted to design weapons systems as well. Then I started watching all the unedited video leaking out of Iraq and I changed my mind really quickly. Have you seen what a 30 caliber bullet does to a human? It shreads their skulls open like a pinata. A 2000 lbm JDAM (smart bomb) levels entire city blocks, killing women and children indiscriminately. My question for you is: Do you want this on your conscience? I decided that I couldn't live with myself if I made offensive for the US Military. Because even as noble as American ideals are and how much I love this country, war is hell and the American Government doesn't have a lot of restraint.

    Before I give you tips I should ask what country you are in! If you are North Korean I'd say a liberal arts degree is best suited to design intercontinental ballistic missiles. ;)

    Seriously though, I think Mechanical Engineering is the best path and focus on controls. Weapons of the future will be highly sophisticated in automation
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    Smart weapons, build smarter weapons and save innocent lives.
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