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Mechanically remapping buttons on a flash recorder

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    I want to buy or build a button that transfers downward force to a sideways force. I’m adapting a voice recorder so my grandmother (who has a hard time pressing small buttons) can use it. Most reasonably priced flash recorders have buttons on the side and I want her to be able to access them from the front so that volume, back, and skip are immediately visible. I have a 3D printer so I was thinking of making a new housing with a faceplate for all the buttons to show through. Of course the buttons on the side of the recorder will have to be mechanically remapped. I hope that was clear. Anyone got an idea?
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    Can you post pics or a datasheet of what this recorder looks like? Would one option just be to make a holder that turned the recorder sideways so the buttons were facing up, and make larger button mechanisms that pushed down on the smaller buttons? What information on the face of the recorder needs to be relayed to the new top surface?
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    Here are two pictures: one showing the front and left side and one showing the front and right side. The volume controls are on the left side, skip/back are on the right side, and play/stop/record are on the front. Nearly every recorder on the market has a lot of controls on the sides. I want to be able to see and press every button from the face.

    I removed the housing and circuits are printed on the underside of the board so I can't just bend them to face the front.

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