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Medical Medical Resources

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    An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition.

    PubMed is a service of the National Library of Medicine that includes over 15 million citations from MEDLINE and other life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to full text articles and other related resources.

    Digital Anatomist
    Contains 2-D and 3-D views of the brain from cadaver sections, MRI scans, and computer reconstructions, and a neuroanatomy interactive syllabus.

    Neuroscience Tutorial
    A brief tutorial touching on the history of neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neuronal signaling, synaptic transmission, brain study techniques and brain imaging.

    Neuroscience for Kids
    A surprisingly useful and informative resource for beginners.

    The Joy of Visual Perception
    An online book about numerous topics in visual perception. Features demonstrations of visual illusions and an extensive set of links to other resources on visual perception.

    http://www.mixsig.net/ [Broken]
    All about synaesthesia. Features an introduction to synaesthesia, information about current synaesthesia research, a message board, and more.

    Online papers on consciousness
    Almost 2,500 online science and philosophy papers pertaining to consciousness.

    http://psyche.cs.monash.edu.au/ [Broken]
    A free electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain.

    Consciousness in science: A bibliography

    Philosophy of Mind: A bibliography

    Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
    A list of entries in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy related to philosophy of mind, compiled by David Chalmers.

    Web resources related to consciousness, philosophy, and such
    Contains online resources pertaining to consciousness, philosophy, cognitive science, disorders of consciousness, interactive demonstrations, and more, again compiled by David Chalmers.

    http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~mryder/itc_data/cogsci.html [Broken]
    Writings by and about leading thinkers in cognitive science, and critics and observers of the philosophy of mind.

    Some Wikipedia entries
    Cognitive Science
    Cognitive Psychology
    Cognitive Neuropsychology
    Biological Psychology
    Behavioral Neuroscience
    Cognitive Neuroscience
    Computational Neuroscience
    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Consciousness
    Artificial Neural Networks
    Information Processing
    Brain Imaging
    Functional Neuroimaging
    Cognitive Linguistics
    Philosophy of Mind
    Philosophy of Psychology
    Philosophy of Perception
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    http://web.sfn.org/ [Broken]
    A professional society for neuroscientists. Their website also offers public resources and news clips. At their annual meeting, there is also a lecture open to the public for anyone interested who lives near the meeting location.
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    Science & Consciousness Review
    Articles, interviews, book and paper reviews, and all the latest news about the burgeoning science of consciousness.

    Conscious Entities
    "These pages are devoted to short discussions of some of the major thinkers and theories about consciousness. The pieces are meant to be brief and lively, and written from a distinct point of view (often more than one point of view)."

    http://www.stanford.edu/group/hopes/basics/braintut/ab0.html [Broken]
    "A guided tour of the human brain and its parts."

    Neuroanatomy Tutorial - Labelled Images
    "This tutorial has images in which the structures are labelled. You are to identify the structures by clicking on the name of the structure. The structure whose name is clicked will be identified in the image by an arrow."

    The Whole Brain Atlas

    http://www.neuropat.dote.hu/atlas.html [Broken]
    "A searchable database containing gross, microscopic, and electron microscopic images, CT and MRI scans."

    http://www.neuropat.dote.hu/anatomy.htm [Broken]
    Contains a tremendous amount of links to neuroanatomy tutorials, atlases, and resources.
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    Synaesthesia & the Arts
    A comprehensive storehouse of links pertaining to synaesthesia. Touches on the intersection between synaesthesia, science, art, and subjective experience. Includes resources for synaesthesia organizations, researchers, research and theory, articles, books, scientific papers, transcripts and streaming audio, synaesthete homepages on the web, descriptions and simulations of synaesthetic experience...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hi All,

    Many free papers/journals on PubMed Central

    (We have some full text papers on our site but they need a free registering)
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    Have you come across different interrelated subjects that talk about the same thing in essence, but each subject alone by its own individual frame of reference cannot give you a full perspective or complete picture to understand the matter in focus? You really wish you could learn something in a combined and unified manner.

    The website is a place to explore the different mind sciences and technology from an integrative approach. An integrated model of the mind sciences combines various studies of the mind and mind related things. To integrate is to make into a whole by bringing all parts together, to unify. Seeing things from an integrated perspective is seeing things from a holistic and complete point of view.
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    Some interesting blogs I found.

    "http://kolber.typepad.com/ethics_law_blog/2006/02/index.html" [Broken]

    An interesting blog about the law and neuroscience.

    "http://brainethics.blogspot.com/" [Broken]

    Ethics and the brain.
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    "http://www.meta-library.net/evp-mind/index-frame.html" [Broken]

    Some interesting lectures on many topics regarding neuroscience. There is some discussion on how neuroscience plays into philosophy of religions, religious experience and neuroscience and some on affective neuroscience.
    Anyways, its a pretty cool site.
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    I didn't see this posted so I wanted to add it:


    This is an incredibly informative website about quackery in medicine and healthcare. I've spent hours reading it, and I think people who want to procreate should first be required to know a great deal of material on that site. Sites like that need more exposure!
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