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Megasuns containing helium and hydrogen that were huge

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    I know that in early time, in the first few billion years, there were stars containing helium and hydrogen that were huge. These were called Megasuns. Can someone tell me if these were the origin of SuperMassive Black holes.

    Thank You
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    Re: MegaSun

    Megasuns are one of our theories attempting to explain supermassive blackholes. Some scientists think that very large clouds of gas clumbed into enormous stars which collapsed very quickly under their own gravity (the force produced by fusion not being enough to hold them open) and so formed supermassive blackholes. You need a megastar to do this because very large stars blow away much of their mass before they collapse into black holes which prevents them from becoming supermassive black holes.

    The other explanation for supermassive black holes is just that they are very old black holes that have accumulated enough mass to be classified as supermassive.

    Hope that helped :)
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    Re: MegaSun

    Thank you. :)
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