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Messgae post linking problems?

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    I posted a reply a moment ago in this thread:

    My post appeared twice, and both were identified as post #20 in the top right corners. I refreshed the page and same display. Checked my posts from profile and sure enough, two messages. So... I deleted the second post #20. Now my post and the one from Ali preceding it are both display as #19.

    Also, I swear I saw a message that read something like "link broken" or "record not found" or something 'not good' flash on the screen as the page displays. But it looks O.K. except fr the numbering...
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    That is strange. Keep me updated.
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    'been watching. I saw that when Voko added a post, the pair of 19's (Ali and me) remained the same. Waited for another shoe to drop, yet DrStupid added another post a few minutes ago. The thread is now on a second page and post numbering is incrementing as expected, except for the two #19 posts.
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