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Meteor trajectories -- Interested in computing them?

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    Is anyone in this forum interested in computing meteor trajectories?
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    is this something you have already got involved in ?
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    Yes, deeply into the software. It's a rewrite of fortran iv, the late1960 era, into fortran 90. The code consists of two parts, plate reduction and meteor orbits. The reduction code deals with imagery from a doubly observed meteor. That is, from two stations. The reduction f90 code is incomplete. The orbit code is finished. The software would be open-source. i. e, free. A possible location for the code and documentation is in this forum, So my next question is does this forum have a depository for this material?
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    There is no code depository here as far as I know.
    However some members do share software projects with links to sites such as github.
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    I'll give it a look.
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