What is Meteor: Definition and 100 Discussions

METEOR (Metric for Evaluation of Translation with Explicit ORdering) is a metric for the evaluation of machine translation output. The metric is based on the harmonic mean of unigram precision and recall, with recall weighted higher than precision. It also has several features that are not found in other metrics, such as stemming and synonymy matching, along with the standard exact word matching. The metric was designed to fix some of the problems found in the more popular BLEU metric, and also produce good correlation with human judgement at the sentence or segment level. This differs from the BLEU metric in that BLEU seeks correlation at the corpus level.

Results have been presented which give correlation of up to 0.964 with human judgement at the corpus level, compared to BLEU's achievement of 0.817 on the same data set. At the sentence level, the maximum correlation with human judgement achieved was 0.403.[1]

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  1. Astronuc

    NASA confirms half-ton meteor crashed in South Texas

  2. Astronuc

    B Meteor detection/prediction: One over Toronto, ON, Canada

    https://news.yahoo.com/videos-captured-fireball-flashing-across-041651291.html @davenn Debris might be found around Niagara Falls. I don't know if that is Ontario or NY Side. I wonder if it his the water, or on land.
  3. Xain2015

    Is This a Meteor? My Arrowhead Hunting Find in Southeast Missouri

    was arrowhead hunting the other night and came across what I am pretty certain is a meteor. The bottom of it was even still warm when I picked it up. I'm finding it difficult to find a place to take it to get tested here in southeast Missouri. What are yalls thoughts
  4. websterling

    B Meteor Storm Possible Thursday Night November 21-22

    This year's Alpha Monocerotid shower could produce a brief (15-45 minutes) burst of meteors at near storm levels. The burst is predicted to be centered around 4:50 UCT on November 22. Intense Meteor Outburst Expected from the Alpha Monocerotids Likely alpha Monocerotids (AMO#246) outburst on...
  5. Kiwimaster76

    Plausibility of this meteor habitat?

    So in a story I'm writing humanity has found itself on another planet, its larger than Earth but less dense so that the gravity is roughly the same. There is a higher concentration of oxygen on this planet and most of it is pretty habitable. However for reasons that are too long to include say...
  6. Ben Harris

    Work done on a meteor approaching the Earth -- Is it +ve or -ve?

    Hi all, i am trying to figure out if work done by gravity is positive or negative on an approaching meteor, I have used W(1->2) = integral (1->2) F(gravity) dot dr. and got a result of (GMem/r2) - (GMem/r1). Were G is gravity, Me is Earth mass, m is meteor mass and r1, r2 are initial and...
  7. jim mcnamara

    Pleistocene meteor crater on Greenland

    https://phys.org/news/2018-11-huge-crater-greenland-impact-northern.html Paywall: advances.sciencemag.org/content/4/11/eaar8173 A 31 km wide crater in Northern Greenland has been hidden under a massive glacier, until now. Using new radar systems and older technologies, the authors document the...
  8. B

    I Which Calculation Is Correct for Meteor Evasion Time in Spacetime Physics?

    This is a worked out problem in the book 'Spacetime Physics'. The answer obtained by working it out using the alternate method is different. Will someone explain which is correct ? Thank you in advance. Problem : A command centre gets message that a meteor has just passed one of its outposts...
  9. diogenesNY

    Stargazing 1841 description of a 'meteor'

    I have been reading a book: _Lights and Shadows of Sailor Life_ by Joseph G. Clark. It is a memoir of the 1838 to 1842 United States Exploring Expedition. One event that is vividly described is a 'meteor' that falls while the author is anchored in Puget Sound on May 31, 1841. It is described...
  10. C

    Calculating Air Friction on Meteor Impacting Earth

    Hey guys! Can anyone tell me how to calculate the force of air friction on meteor that's going to impact
  11. L

    A 12 kg meteor experiences an acceleration of 7.2 m/s^2....

    Homework Statement A 12 kg meteor experiences an acceleration of 7.2 m/s2, when falling towards the earth. a) How high above the earth’s surface is the meteor? 1.06x10^6 b) What force will a 30 kg meteor experience at the same altitude? 216 NHomework Equations I was comparing...
  12. Author_X

    Backstory Help: Asteroid Collision in California

    I am currently working on the backstory to a story I'm writing as a means of world-building. However, I'm not quite as physics-literate as everyone else, so rather than winging it and coming off like an idiot, I came here. http://sta.sh/0126svntmin Exhibit A. The red marks the range of the...
  13. C

    I Meteor impact and axial tilt, relation to climate

    I have a hypothetical question. If there was a relatively Earth-like planet out there that somehow experienced a rather catastrophic meteor impact large enough to alter its axial tilt close to 0 degrees, would such an event render the planet essentially a desert world? I.e. there are no more...
  14. henrco

    Meteor impact - Heat vaporization and capacity

    I believe my attempt below is correct but I'm not 100% sure, any guidance welcome. 1. Homework Statement Suppose a meteor of volume 1000 km3, density 5000 kg m-3 and speed 30000 km hr-1 crashed into the ocean and 10% of the impact energy was converted directly into heat. i) Estimate the...
  15. davenn

    Geminid Meteor Shower: Peak Rates Up to 120/hr Dec 13-14

    hi gang we are now heading into the Geminid Meteor shower. This is the last significant shower for the year with peak rates of up to 120 / hr are possible. The peak will be around the 13 - 14 December If you don't know where the Gemini constellation is at your location, use a star map program...
  16. N

    Stray Asteroid or Unknown Meteor? Meteor Crash in Thailand Captured on Dashcam!

  17. A

    Thermostatically Controlled Meteor Camera

    Hi all, This is my first post. I am hoping to build an inexpensive housing for a Watec PAL camera that I have with the intended use as a meteor camera. The camera needs to be protected from the environment, rain, snow, fog and ideally in a controlled temperature situation while it runs all...
  18. S

    Meteor trajectories -- Interested in computing them?

    Is anyone in this forum interested in computing meteor trajectories?
  19. Greg Bernhardt

    Amazing shot of a meteor over Loch Ness

    This is a pretty amazing shot!
  20. T

    What really happened during the Tunguska Event?

    I'm watching a show on meteor catastrophes. They can cause damage by hitting the Earth causing a mechanical explosion due to the energy of the mass transferring into the Earth as kinetic energy. What I don't understand is what makes them explode above the surface like Tunguska? Tex
  21. ChrisVer

    Calculating Radius of Crater from Meteor Impact

    When a stellar object falls into the Earth's surface, it creates a crater on the ground. Most of the times, when people refer to these things, they refer to their age and their diameter/radius. My question is mainly about the radius. Is there a dynamical way to solve for the shape and radius of...
  22. P

    Modelling the motion of a meteor

    Hi! I am to model the motion of a meteor as it travels through the atmosphere, taking into account the loss of mass, which is 0.025 kg upon impact (height = 0). I also have to take into account the air resistance on the meteor, the fact that the air density is a function of height and that the...
  23. P

    MHB Modelling the motion of a meteor

    Hi! I am to model the motion of a meteor as it travels through the atmosphere, taking into account the loss of mass, which is 0.025 kg upon impact (height = 0). I also have to take into account the air resistance on the meteor, the fact that the air density is a function of height and that the...
  24. B0b-A

    Have you seen the meteoric smoke-ring?

    4 seconds from start ... vimeo.com/110535098 [ it's time-lapse : "...120 consecutive 30 second exposures ..." , so about 360x normal speed ]
  25. Ess_Elle

    Meteor Gravitational Field Question

    Homework Statement A 12 kg meteor experiences an acceleration of 7.2 m/s^2 when falling towards the earth. a) How high above the Earth's surface is the meteor? b) What force will a 30 kg meteor experience at the same altitude? Homework Equations Fg= Gm1m2/r2 m1m2 r2 = Gm1m2/Fg r =...
  26. B

    Calculating the Average Force on a Meteor Upon Entering Jupiter's Atmosphere

    Homework Statement A meteor with a mass of 1 kg moving at 20 km/s collides with Jupiter's atmosphere. The meteor penetrates 100 km into the atmosphere and disintegrates. What is the average force on the meteor once it enters Jupiter's atmosphere? (Note: ignore gravity). Homework...
  27. TumblingDice

    Chelyabinsk Meteor Strike: How Bright Was It?

    I was flipping through the new releases on Netflix this morning when I pleasantly stumbled across a NOVA documentary that aired on PBS last year. If you haven't seen it and have Netflix, I recommend checking it out. "NOVA: Meteor Strike" Excellent video clips, tracking, data analysis, and...
  28. TumblingDice

    Camelopardalis meteor shower (storm?) May 23/24

    A new meteor shower will light up the sky next week in the northern hemisphere. Comet 209P/Linear is forcast by some to produce 200+ events per hour hour overnight on May 23/24. Incoming will originate from Camelopardalis, a circumpolar constellation (so it will be "up all night!")...
  29. Greg Bernhardt

    May 5, 6 - Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

    Look to the skies on May 5/6 to see the The Eta Aquarids! It's an above average shower, capable of producing up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. Anyone going to check this out? I hope I have clear skies.
  30. Dembadon

    What Essentials Should I Pack for a Meteor Shower Viewing Party?

    I'm looking for input/advice. *nudge* Russ :biggrin: There's going to be a meteor shower (Lyrids) during my wife's birthday, and I want to take her to see it. Maybe bring some food to cook on the mini BBQ, wine, you get the idea. =] So, I want to have something else to do just in case we don't...
  31. jim mcnamara

    Younger Dryas - likely the result of meteor impact

    Origin and provenance of spherules and magnetic grains at the Younger Dryas boundary Yingzhe Wu, Mukul Sharma, Malcolm A. LeCompte, Mark N. Demitroff, and Joshua D. Landis PNAS 2013 ; published ahead of print September 5, 2013, doi:10.1073/pnas.1304059110 From the pnas.org overview: The...
  32. S

    Improving Meteor Image Quality: Methods for Noise Reduction and Detection

    I'm using a small b/w digital video camera and frame grabber to catch images of meteors in maybe a 15x15 degree area. Typically noise is introduced into the frames. It is desirable to determine if the image contains a meteor, and clean up the noise in the frames. What methodology is available...
  33. sophiecentaur

    Media hype about meteor showers

    Media hype about meteor "showers" Every year there's a lot of media hype about meteor "showers". I have watched the Perseid shower in the past, at its 'peak' and, although the occasional trail in the sky is exciting - even mystical - the term 'shower' is total hyperbole. Around one of anything...
  34. MarkFL

    MHB Check out the Perseid meteor shower....

    Hello folks, Last night I got a reminder from anemone that the Perseid meteor shower was in progress, so I went outside and within a few minutes time I saw about half a dozen meteors. So, I wanted to pass along a reminder to everyone here to check it out if you're into that kind of thing. :D
  35. D

    Is what I saw - a meteor that was heading in my direction?

    Hey guys! On 3rd July, ~00:10 AM +10:00 GMT I have been watching night sky. Then suddenly, under Arcturus (no idea how much below, but about 7 full moons in a row below it) I saw a dim star which was never there. In a matter of seconds (5-10 seconds) it increased in brightness and became as...
  36. A

    Speed of a meteor before hitting a space station

    Homework Statement Hello! Suppose a meteor was approaching the Earth along a distance that passes through the Earth's center.I have a space station that moves around the Earth in a circular orbit (radius R)The meteor hit the space station and becomes incorporated.After the impact the space...
  37. Astronuc

    What Caused the Bright Flash on the Moon on March 17, 2013?

    A meteorite crashed into the moon on March 17, http://news.yahoo.com/huge-rock-crashes-moon-sparks-giant-explosion-152049489.html Apparently, NASA astronomers have been monitoring the moon for lunar meteor impacts for the past eight years.
  38. D

    Uncovering the Mystery: Comparing the Russian Meteor to the Tunguska Event

    Back in february, a meteor came down over Russia and exploded in midair. I can't help but compare this to the Tunguska event. Thus my question. Why were the two meteor explosions both in the same general area of Earth?
  39. C

    Did the Chelyabinsk meteor really explode ?

    Did the Chelyabinsk meteor really "explode"? All the news and video reports said the Chelyabinsk meteor "exploded" but is that strictly accurate? To explode, doesn't the inside of something have to rapidly expand and shatter the outer shell (like a bomb or hand grenade), so how can the inside...
  40. N

    Calculating the Kinetic Energy of a Meteor: What Factors Influence its Velocity?

    How can I calculate kinetic energy of a meteor? On what variables it depends? Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
  41. D

    Understanding the Delayed Effects of the Russian Meteor Strike

    Why was there a delay between the explosion from the meteor in Russia and the sonic boom hitting the cities? And how long was it?
  42. R

    Coincidence of asteroid and Russian meteor at same time.

    Astronomers have calculated that the Russian meteor and asteroid 2012 DA14 have very different orbits: Astronomers Calculate Orbit of Chelyabinsk Meteorite. Still because of the very unlikely probability of their occurring together purely by chance, I would like to see some simulations of...
  43. Z

    Why did the Chelyabinsk Meteor Explode?

    Why did the meteor explode? What specifically caused the fireball (the abrupt increase in brightness) for example? That is, what is the physics behind such a fireball versus one that just ablates and burns down to nothing? Meteors are made up of materials we do not normally consider explosive...
  44. M

    Is Russian meteor related to a asteroid known as 2012 DA14?

    I doubt it. The trajectory of meteor was very close to be horizontal, so it could make revolution('s) around the Earth and fly opposite direction to asteroid known as 2012 DA14, being a remnants of 2012 DA14.
  45. T

    Chelyabinsk Meteor Shockwave 2/15/2013

    Was today's Chelyabinsk meteor destruction from an accelerated, focused "superboom" or a sonic boom? I assume it was not an explosion boom. I am trying to understand if the boom destruction radiated from central point or traveled with the meteor as an aircraft's sonic boom continually travels...
  46. K

    How many megatons was the chixculub meteor impact equal to?

    How many megatons was the pre-historic chixculub meteor impact equal to? This was estimated to be millions of times more powerful than the cumulative explosive power of all of the nuclear weapons in the world combined. It caused the extinction of most life on Earth during that time (namely the...
  47. D

    Geminid meteor goes the wrong way.

    My wife, myself and another viewer were watching the Geminid meteor shower at about 2:00 AM on 23 December, 2012. Most of the meteors moved away from the constellation Gemini, just as one would expect. We decided to watch a region of the sky where the meteor trails were very long. I am...
  48. B

    Meteor Passing a Planet. Sample UC Berkeley Final question

    Homework Statement A meteor is approaching a planet of mass M and radius R with speed while it is far away. If there were no gravity, it would miss the center of the planet by a distance b. Gravity makes the meteor barely graze the planets surface as it passes. Find in terms of other given...
  49. R

    Velocity, Work, and Energy of a Falling Meteor

    Homework Statement A meteor has a speed of 94.0 m/s when 700 km above the Earth. It is falling vertically (ignore air resistance) and strikes a bed of sand in which it is brought to rest in 3.03 m. a) What is its speed just before striking the sand? b) How much work does the sand do to...
  50. B

    Did K-T extinction event meteor puncture a hole in crust at Chicxulub?

    Did the meteor or comet that struck Earth at the end of the Cretaceous punch a whole in the crust down to the mantle? If so, why isn't that part of the crust weak and showing signs of volcanism? Even if the crust wasn't punctured down to the mantle, wouldn't it still be a weak spot and show...