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Method of consistant deformations

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    I am analyzing an indeterminate structure with a degree of indeterminacy of 2(i think).

    It is a frame with two spring supports and a fixed support. (and external loadings). I am required to use method of consistant deformations.

    My question is about the springs. I would like to verify they contribute only one degree of indeterminacy each. One is in the vertical(moves up and down) and the other is horizontal(moves left and right). They are attached to the same joint.

    So I am assuming three primary structures: Externally loaded structure, redundant as a unit force in the vertical, and redundant as a unit force in the horizontal.

    I've noticed that the horizontal-spring stiffness has units (Force*Length)/radians, and the vertical-spring stiffness has units Force/Length.

    My main concern is there may be a greater degree of indeterminacy i am not taking into account? :confused: Do these springs contribute more redundants than I am assuming? :confused: I hope I have been specific enough without a picture of the structure.
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    According to what you've described, the system should have a degree of indeterminacy equal 2, as you said.
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    I would like to see a picture anyway.
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    radou - thanks for the quick reply, i am attempting the problem with three primary structures and two compatability equations(two degrees of indeterminacy)

    cyclovenom - i'll post a picture shortly.
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