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Metric expansion in terms of planck pixels

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    what if the evolution of the universe over time and the expansion of space a series of binary events such that the same quantity of energy is divided geometrically from one into two, four, eight, sixteen pieces, such that each planck time is equivalent to one such split and each planck length is one bit, such that the metric expansion of space can be thought of in the simplified case of a 1d universe as a single line segment of no finite length being divided successively in half? could the metric expansion be the same jpeg getting redisplayed at double the resolution after every planck time, like a cycle? Or even if it's not doubling since that doesn't quantitatively match the expansion rate, what if the metric expansion is essentially the same jpeg with the individual pixel size decreasing and therefore the number of pixels constantly (but not necessarily continuously or at a constant rate) increasing?
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