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Middle College, need some serious advice

  1. Nov 20, 2007 #1
    Im a sophomore in high school, second semester starts January. I sorta kinda got kicked out this semester for a rather ridiculous thing to do, and the reason I was kicked out so 'easily' is because of some rather stupid things I did last year..

    So, I was only able to make up one credit for this semester, which is a petty tech math 1 class. The only reason I took the class in the first place is because its math..

    I asked a lady down at the education center what I should do, to increase my chances of getting into the university I wish to get into. They told me that freshman and sophomore years dont exactly matter, as long as you have the credits.

    So I figured, if I keep making my grades (mostly A's) next semester throughout senior year, I can have all minimum requirements for the particular college I want to get into (University of Colorado at Boulder), and have 3 extra courses to take left, which would be by my choice the more advanced maths after AP Calculus, and perhaps an extra language class..This is my plan..at least.

    So Im not exactly sure though, if I could get into college with this? I figured if I did perhaps make mostly A's and B's, which shouldnt be too hard, and take a few AP courses (Physics and Calculus preferrably), and make good SAT scores, which Ive told arent too hard, then I most likely could do it easily..however, Im not exactly sure of this.. So....

    I asked this lady what I should do, she suggested middle college. I have a great community college in my area, and I could do 2 years of college courses (including required high school courses, English 3,4 etc..) and possibly have an associates degree in science by the time I graduate high school, or not long after.

    The reason I hesitate on this decision, is because the counselor for middle college at my community college told me that most people who do middle college mostly do it to take a few required college courses, and get out at 18 and go straight to their job that they want..

    Im not exactly sure if I should do this, the main reason is because in middle school many people told me to do these things that were supposedly better for me, for my 'intelligence' by their standards, and were horrible. I was sent to a charter school, which could have possibly ruined my chances for a good college had it been in high school. They've sent me recently to this program which isnt good at all, and if anything is going to look bad on my resume for college..

    Basically, the school systems here have screwed me over on my decisions, and I dont trust them.

    So, would this middle college idea be good for me to get into a university? What my main question is, do I really need this to get into a good college or could I do it fairly easy continuing inhigh school making good grades with a good SAT score, and some advanced classes (like AP or honors).

    I really need some opinions on this, and facts as well about middle college, because Im not going to this unless Im absolutely 100% positive that this will be much better, or I actually really need this.

    Because everyone knows junior and senior years in high school are the best in your life...right? Haha.
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  3. Nov 20, 2007 #2
    I live in colorado.

    Trust me it is not that hard to gain entrance to CU Boulder. However, if you are trying for the engineering route then it might be harder, as usual.
    As for your options, thats a tough one. You really need to get back into someother highschool, I would take a community college math course if I were you at the same time.
    Do you have an idea what you want to do?
  4. Nov 20, 2007 #3
    Yes, I want to do math and physics, particularly. I looked up the MAPS for CU Boulder and I figured out a plan where I could take each course and then extra AP courses, and still have 3 left. So I could take even more math classes or perhaps another relating to math or science. Anything that could help me get into the physics/math department. I hear that Colorado at Boulder has a great astronomy/physics programs, which is why I want to go there. Is this true? I couldnt really find it in comparison with others.
  5. Nov 20, 2007 #4
    But is middle college actually looked up upon due to the ability to take college courses at a high school level? I figured it would be, obviously, but there seems to be a catch. Because all I have to pay for is books, so..there has to be a catch. Theres no such thing as something so good.
  6. Nov 21, 2007 #5
    Well, the catch is that they're college courses and you're in high school. They're going to be a bit more difficult generally speaking. If you live in a district that offers to pay for your tuition at the local CC, thank whatever gods you pray to and take advantage of it.

    I went to a CC for a year and a half before transferring into the EE program at UTexas. I met several people there who were taking courses while in high school and had ~20-35 hours (which they didn't pay for) before they graduated. This doesn't include the AP tests, which were also paid for by their schools.

    One of my friends in the program came into the university with 50 credit hours total, all of which were earned before he graduated high school and all of which could be applied to the degree. Now whether it's smart to eliminate 2 years from your college experience is another question, but it's nice to have the option.
  7. Nov 21, 2007 #6
    Indeed you are partially correct.

    If you are looking for good astrophysics and pure physics, then Boulder is the place for you.
    However, you are looking at applied physics(Engineering Physics),then Colorado School of Mines is thee place. In my opinion, if you are looking to attend graduate school, I ould recommend CSM becasue of their physics rigour- awesome program.
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