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Military Standards / ANSI / Mil Spec

  1. Jul 26, 2007 #1
    Does anyone know of a good cross reference that shows the descriptions of different Military Standards / ANSI / Mil Spec descriptions?

    Most web-sites that sell Mil Spec / ANSI hardware can tell you the description of 1 item (after requesting a quote), but I am looking for a .PDF file, or an internet search database that has all of this information tied togtether.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My company pays a subscription service for just that very thing. IHS specs and standards is a searchable database. I doubt you'll find any one-stop-shop reference for free on the net.

    What kind of specs are you looking at? Hardware? Electrical components?
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    Primarily Hardware, and Specs on shipping. I cannot believe that there is a multitude of mil-spec shipping tapes...

    did find one site, but it has some issues at times...

    https://www.webflis.dlis.dla.mil/WEBFLIS/pub/pub_search.aspx [Broken]

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    by the way, love your quotes...

    as per the subscription, which one is it? Unlimited searches? About how much does it cost for the year? Would you suggest the subscription vs. buying the spec individually?

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    If you are looking for a limited number of specs, then it would make the most sense to simply buy what you need. In my case, we deal with hundreds (if not more) specs. It would be a financial burden to buy all of them and hire someone to constantly keep them all current and updated. A subscription service does that for you.

    I can not say how much the service costs a year. It can't be cheap though.
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    yeah, i've seen some, prices ranging from the hundereds to the thousands...

    since you deal with 100's, are you one of the Boeings, L-3's, Lock-Marts, or Northrops?

    just a guess.

    I was an L-3, but decided that a downsize would be best for me... (so far it's been great)

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    None of the above. I work for an engine manufacturer so I would be considered a supplier to those guys.
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    got ya.

    Here's another question that you might be able to shine some light on. The government has drawings of parts, and they use a universal part numbering system for every drawing that they produce (as far as I know). Do you know if there are any web-sites, or subscriptions, which have these parts listed? Also, solid (computer generated solids) would be phenomenal.

    i know that i could probably ask the customer directly for this, and i probably will, but I was curious if there was something out there that hasn't shown up on my typical google searches.

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    I always seem to have a lot of success finding military standards and specs at

    http://www.everyspec.com" [Broken]

    Plus, they are all free.

    I always go there first, to see if they have it.
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    It's a neat site, but I suspect they will only show cancelled or out of date copies. The first two random specs I looked up were cancelled and supersceded.
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