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The 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

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    These much-ballyhooed products, sites, and services, it turned out, left much to be desired.


    Well do people agree with the list. I'm certainly leery of Vista, and so are others I know.
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    I certainly agree with Vista being number one and the Zune player being up there. Yahoo seems to get more bloated as the years go by. It takes me forever to load yahoo.com when compared to google.com. The iphone also left a lot of things to be desired. Hopefully they do better with "iphone 2.0".

    I do however disagree with WiMAX being on the list. This is a relatively new technology. The article doesn't really point out the negatives of WiMAX, only that not enough companies are investing. And yes it does seem like google has to do everything.

    They should also add IE7. I hate that crap.
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    The i-phone. You take a decent cell phone then restrict it to the world's slowest, most antiquated cellular network in the world. Was Apple unaware of this, or did they not care and chose instead to sell out to the highest bidder? Since when you do buy a top of the line computer that comes with a restriction that you can only use a dial up internet provider? Disgusting. That's GOT to be the NUMBER ONE mistake of 2007! Hiss And BOO to Apple for selling out for money instead of allowing thier phone to work on all of the major carriers.

    WIMAX is another problem. It's slower than Rev A, and it's also more limited geographically than other highspeed wireless services. This is an idea that's already beginning to show the signs of "ooops, well that's not good". One of the forerunners in the technology has been warned over and over by industry analysts that they should bail.

    Voice over IP is another technology that people do not understand. I'd be on here all night explaining that one.
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    I think we have reached a point of time where as long as "the next microsoft operating system" is slower than the previous version, then it can be placed at the top of the list.

    As for the iphone, http://stevenojobs.com/maddox-on-iphone-the-most-objective-iphone-review/

    To me the best technology of 2007 was wikipedia. It seems to be getting better, fast. They are now writing wiki books. Curious of what's next for them.
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    #6. Un-Neutral: The Broadband Industry

    Again, consumer ignorance, enhanced by media ignorance.

    If you know physics, think of common layman misunderstandings of the most basic principles. There you go.
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