I Need To Interview a Computer Engineer for My Engineering Class

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Homework Statement

Hi, I am currently a high school freshman enrolled in an Engineering program for the next 4 years. I applied for this program because I've been fascinated by Science and Technology for practically my whole life. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't use some sort of device and wonder "How does that work?" I joined this program in hopes that I would be able to learn how to figure that out, and to pursue further education and a career in that field. An assignment that my teacher recently gave the class was to conduct research on a field of Engineering that we're interested in and to write a paper and create a presentation about it. A part of that research project is to conduct a personal interview with an Engineer in the field that we choose, and the field that I chose was Computer Engineering (specifically Hardware and Software, since those are the ones that I'm interested in the most). I already know some basic coding because of codeacademy.com , My Dad has taught me a little bit (he's an IT Specialist) and I've received A's in every class since I was in 4th grade; I've never had a final grade that was lower than a B.

Here's the syllabus that he gave us for this project:

Engineering is a small word encompassing an entire career cluster. There are as many job descriptions as there are people who hold them. Engineers are involved in pure research, managing jobs and people, design, manufacturing, and planning. Some have careers in places you would never expect. Disney World has an extensive collection of different kinds of engineers. Movie animation, agriculture, medicine, clothing, household products and just about any product you can think of are all places where engineers are employed.

Access to internet

1. Students will select one area of engineering.
2. Students will conduct research about the area they have chosen. This research is to include: (Field Report)
• Description of the field
• Areas of specialization
• Job prospects
• Where this type of engineer might work
• Expected salary ranges
• Duties and responsibilities of this type of engineer
• College preparation needed
o Sample listing of courses from an established university or college which offers this as a major
• Courses needed in high school to attend university
3. Students will call and conduct a personal interview with a professional who is working in the engineering field being researched.
4. Students will create a written report following the basic outline given in the Written Report Format. This report is to include:
• Title Page
• Table of Contents
• Abstract of the Report
• Field report
• Typed copy of the interview which includes person being interviewed, the questions asked and responses given
• Citations
5. Students will create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the information researched.
6. Examples will be given in class along with the location of the rubric used to grade the presentation and the research paper.
7. Students will give a 5 minute oral to the class.

I have almost completed the entire field report, and all that's left is the interview and properly organizing the paper (I need both before beginning work on the presentation). My teacher said that doing the interview by phone or by Skype would be better since people would give more detailed answers that way, which would help us reach the 30 page minimum that we need, but I though that typing them out would be easier. I currently have around 25 (before adding extra things and decorations), so extremely detailed answers would be greatly appreciated. I have around 30 questions that I came up with for this; I found the answers to some of them by researching online, but I thought that it would be wise to get a professional's opinion as well. I stumbled upon this site using Google, and I only created this account for this assignment, so I wasn't sure whether to post it in "Computing & Technology" or here, but I decided that here would be better since this is technically homework. Thank you so much in advance to anyone who might be able to help me with this, I would deeply appreciate you taking the time to help out someone who is interested in getting into this field.

Homework Equations

Here's the list of questions:

1. Why should people be interested in Computer Engineering? What does it have to offer?
2. How do think that Computer Engineering has contributed to society?
3. Why is there so much demand for having the "latest and greatest" devices available?
4. What kind of education and/or credentials does someone need in order become a Computer Engineer?
5. Which is more important for this kind of profession, Education or Experience?
6. How difficult is it to get into this field?
7. What are the working conditions like?
8. Can you describe what you do at your job?
9. Is it different from you co-workers' jobs, or from other companies?
10. How important do you think the roles of Hardware and Software are when designing a product? Is one more important than the other?
11. The integration of the two seem to be the most important part to consumers (such as the design of Apple products), what do you think would be the correct way to achieve this?
12. Which company (or companies) do you think have done a good job with this? Do you like their products?
13. How would you describe Computer Engineering in general?
14. How similar is Computer Engineering to Electrical Engineering?
15. How do other fields depend on Computer Engineering?
16. Is a Computer Engineering Degree versatile? What kind of jobs can you get with it, and what are some further sub-fields that you can specialize in?
17. What would you need to do in order to climb the ranks as a Computer Engineer?
18. What responsibilities does a Computer Engineer have while working?
19. Do you know what the prospects of a Computer Engineer outside of the U.S. are like?
20. Have there been a lot of famous or important Computer Engineers? If so, what are some examples?
21. What does your work ethic have to be like?
22. Where would Computer Engineers most likely work?
23. How fast are advancements being made in this field? What is that kind of speed like?
24. Do you more often work alone or as a team?
25. What kind of industries can you get into with this field.
26. Would you also need a business degree in order to climb the ranks?
27. What OS and Web Browser do you prefer when working?
28. What are all the factors that people look at before purchasing a computer or similar product?
29. Where do you see this field in the next 10 or 20 years?
30. Do you have any other advice that would be useful to someone trying to start and maintain a career in this field?

The Attempt at a Solution

I'm not sure how to show this since copy and pasting my entire project would cause this to be entirely too long, and the only other way would be to attach the file itself, which is on a Flash Drive which is currently not on me.

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Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we no longer allow interview threads at the PF. Thread is locked.

Congrats on doing so well in school -- keep it up and you will become a first rate engineer! :smile:

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