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Milo Wolff: Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter

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    Has anyone heard of Milo Wolff? I recently came upon www.spaceandmotion.com using StumbleUpon, and read the section of quantum theory, and the interpretation of quantum theory using spherical standing waves to describe matter seemed interesting, but I couldn't find anything on it besides that website and some YouTube videos. At first the theory seemed to make sense, but I didn't see any mathematics given to prove it, nor any experiments that verified the theory. Also, since it was "discovered" in 1986, it has been a long time and should have been recognized by now if it had legitimate following. Now I am very skeptical of this theory. Any input on this?
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    Video seems to indicate that, even at a respectable age, the poor fellow lacks elementary mathematical concepts. Or that he is selling a book. I would not loose my time on this if I were you.
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