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Missouri's Facebook Law? Gets It All Wrong

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    As a wise man once said, knee jerk laws written after one person got away with something they shouldn’t have rarely achieve the intended results and often crate even more problems as a result.* Missouri’s new social media law is … http://virtualnavigator.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/missouris-facebook-law-gets-it-all-wrong/" [Broken]http://stats.wordpress.com/b.gif?host=virtualnavigator.wordpress.com&blog=11498882&post=657&subd=virtualnavigator&ref=&feed=1

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    What is wrong with this? All the law reads is that a teacher can't have a private website with a child/student that isn't work-related if the parents or administrators can't monitor it.

    The Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, Section 162.069, to parts 3 and 4.
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