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Facebook Hate Groups Emerge as Casey Anthony Released from Jail

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    Cyber-bullying is a hot topic these days. *Many social networking sites have policies directed toward preventing cyber-bullying. *Facebook is one of those sites, having been the venue for several high profile bullying incidents recently*. *Facebook’s policy*directs victims of cyber-bullying to … http://virtualnavigator.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/facebook-hate-groups-emerge-as-casey-anthony-released-from-jail/" [Broken]http://stats.wordpress.com/b.gif?host=virtualnavigator.wordpress.com&blog=11498882&post=638&subd=virtualnavigator&ref=&feed=1

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    Mobs like this are inevitable, but at least with the technology on which these mobs organize can help law enforcement monitor and trace perpetrators.
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    Casey Anthony was reported to be in OH about a week ago. My teenagers said there were contests to take her photo. While that sounds innocent enough - I imagine posting her location could jeopardize her safety?
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