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B Mistaking QM/Measurement problems...

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    Who are the scientists or physicists who got confused and mistaken other stuff for quantum mechanics or vice versa.. mistaking QM for other stuff...

    For example.. who are the scientists who thought QM (or the measurement problem) was related to the weak field, neutrino, dark matter, higgs field, strong force, mind, consciousness, electromagnetism, dark energy, gravitation, constant of nature or other stuff?

    Or what theorem says that QM/Measurement problem is separate from all of these and can't be any of these?
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    I'm not sure if I understand your question.

    Our best descriptions for the weak interaction, neutrinos, dark matter candidates, Higgs, the strong interaction, and electromagnetism, are based on quantum field theory. As the name suggests, it is based on quantum mechanics.

    Dark energy and gravity can be described with general relativity, a classical theory, but there are approaches to describe it with quantum field theory as well.

    Constants of nature appear in all physical theories.

    "mind" and "consciousness" don't fit in your list.
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