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Modal analysis - results exported - need to compute deflecti

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    I have got results for a modal analysis (mesh of 150 shell elements) in ascii format. I have also got (from another process) forces to apply at each element; how do it compute the deflection? I get that it's a form of summation of all the modes, but I am stuck.

    Thanks! BB
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    Sorry but your posting doesn't make any sense at all .

    Please explain more clearly what you are trying to do .
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    Sorry! here are more details.
    I have done a modal analysis in a FEA software, I have looked at the modal shapes and frequencies (i.e. checked that everything made sense).
    I'd like to use those results in a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis where deflections are computed using modal superposition.

    So what I have are 1/ the modal analysis results and 2/ the fluid forces (at each element). I'd like to "combine" them to yield the deflections.

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