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Modern uprated design for an einstein refrigerator

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    I am interested in pursuing the modernized redesign of the eistein refrgeration system. It is a refrigeration system using anhydrous ammonia, liquid butane, and water. It is contained in a closed pressurized system, has no moving parts or compressor, and requires no maintenance. Sounds like a fancy, but it is certainly real, last I heard is that AB Electrolux of EU. owns the intellectual rights to prevent the competition from develpoing a competitive system. This could help reduce the amount of energy used to heat/ air-condition homes accros the world. If a more efficient system could be used, or possibly the design changed to accomodate large buildings then this is certainly a worthwhile idea to apply to pretty much anywhere. The idea is that as one end gets warmer the other end gets equally colder, in other words you use an end outside inside a solar oven in the summer, nd as it reaches super high temps the other half that is inside of the house gets very cold, it would therefore only require a small amount of va to run a fan accross the cold end to air-condition the home. In the winter and on cold days the house would be able to stay a bit warmer than the outside ambient air temp, the efficiency of this could be increased if the home was underground.
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    When does their patent expire?
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    Their original patent expired around 1950. But there may be some newer patents on variations of the idea ...
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    I think the important thing here is to understand that I don't want to steal anyones intellectual property here, just expound on a preexisting idea from a new perspective and make something good for everyone to enjoy.
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    I agree. There is no consequence in building one for personal use.
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    Has anyone out there besides the eggheads at oxford built one?
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    After I return from Afghanistan in June, and from my month long vacation after that, I will build one of these puppies for myself. the design is pretty straightforward but the correct pressures and volumes gets tricky with increased nternal volume. Plus there is the matter of getting permits to buy/use anhydrous ammonia. Anyone interesed is welcome to it, and I encourage it, this design if used properly will save the environment and will be effective as a climate control system in some applications. Oh, don't expect a speedy reply, internet time is limited here in country, but I promise to do my best.
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    Good work. I look forward to it.

    Now this may sound wierd but have you considered 'merging' the Stirling engine with this? I dont mean just tacking on the engine but integrating it into the initial stage to make the temperature change much faster?

    Excuse me if this sounds preposterous.
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