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Molecules/nm²? what does it mean

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    Hi everyone

    in an article they mentioned that the amount added of a product is given by molecules/nm²
    how can i obtain a molar or mass concentration from it ?

    best regards
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    You can't; it is a number of molecules per unit area, not volume. Presumably to do with coating a surface or similar phenomenon. You can convert it to, say, moles/m2 if you want.
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    There is no way to know the amount i can take? cause i should mix it with my solution before deposition..
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    Do you understand how concentrations work in general?

    You can calculate amount only if you know the surface which you need to cover. Then you have to decide what volume of solution to use and once you know both amount and volume you can calculate required molar concentration.
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    if i have spherical nanoparticles sized 30nm and i want to cover them with a product with an amount of 0.6 molecule/nm²
    how can i know the corresponding quantity that i should take of this product?
    is it by multipliying the surface of nanoparticle (4πr²) by 0.6?
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    That's amount per a single nanoparticle, but yes, that's the correct approach.
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    Yes exactly ! Thank u so much for your help
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