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Momentum/Collision/Energy Questions

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    The following three questions are from my physics class regarding collisions:

    1. A person attempts to knock down a large wooden bowling pin by throwing a ball at it. The person has two balls of equal size and mass, one made of rubber and the other of putty. The rubber ball bounces back, while the ball of putty sticks to the pin. Which ball is most likely to topple the bowling pin?

    I'm thinking that either one since they both had the same amount of momentum/energy before the collisions, but I'm just not sure....

    2. Think fast! You've just driven around a curve in a narrow, one-way street at 25 mph when you notice a car identical to yours coming straight toward you at 25 mph. You have only two options: hitting the other car head on or swerving into a massive concrete wall, also head on. In the split second before the impact, you decide to
    a. hit the other car.
    b. hit the wall.
    c. hit either one-it makes no difference.

    I want to say c because my change in momentum would be the same. again...just not sure.

    3. Two pucks collide on a frictionless surface. Puck 1 has twice the inertia of Puck 2. Before the collision, Puck 1 is moving at 20 m/s. Following the collision, the speed of Puck 2 is:

    a. less than the initial speed of Puck 1
    b. greater than the initial speed of Puck 1
    c. equal to the initial speed of Puck 1
    d. could be any of the answers above
    e. none of the above

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    Some suggestions above.
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