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Moon Earth binar system by math

  1. Jul 2, 2015 #1
    I'm interesting in Earth Moon evolution history. I understand it is very complex problem, and I can find many articles about that. But I would like to start from beginning and add real condition on my model step by step (I hope good way to do something).
    I would like to start with ordinary gravitation bound system (without tides effects), I hope I'm right it is problem from theoretical mechanics. Could somebody advise me some steps or some scripts or text where is described something like that? Only rotation around each other and their spins are taken into account for a start.

    Thank you for your posts.
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    I googled Origin Of The Moon, and got lots of good hits. The Wikipedia entry looks okay, and here is a hit from Space.com:


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    What kind of model are you making? What values or factors do you want to put into the model and what do you want to get out of the model? Is this something similar to making a computer model/animation of the Moon orbiting the Earth, or something else?
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    I would like to prepare some general mathematical equations describing "ideal binary system" of Earth - Moon with set of parameters. And try what would happen with period, velocity, distance if I change for example way of spin, mass etc. I would like to transform these equation to Wolf. Mathematica and create some animation. And then setting more realistic conditions for example some friction force, tidal force etc.
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    Thank you for your post, I've googled it also, but I'm looking for some mathematical theory of motion, not origin. I theoretically know what is happened and happening.
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    What you're trying to do is not simple. I've created a simple model/animation of the Earth orbiting the Sun, but I was only able to do so after taking a college physics class and understanding what the equations mean, how they work, why they work, etc. As with much of science, just knowing what the equations are is not a substitute for truly understanding them. Personally I recommend taking a physics class if possible, and if not that then I recommend a college level physics book. I can recommend one if you'd like.

    However, if you just wish to see what happens when you change various parameters, you might try a program/game called Universe Sandbox.
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