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More moles of gas per moles of material reaction

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    Good evening,

    I'm an undergraduate astrophysics student currently doing research, and I wanted to get the opinion of some
    knowledgable chemists about a particular reaction my professor and I wish to emulate.

    Using a specific type of laser (Nd: YAG, for example), I'd like to mimic something akin to an air bag inflation effect by chemically ablating some type of material. However, the struggle has been trying to find some type of material that's not completely toxic/carcinogenic and actually has appreciable offgassing effects.

    So far, the only hints have been the following chemicals:
    - Ammonium Carbonate
    - Calcium Bicarbonate
    - Magnesium Hydrogen Carbonate
    - Hydrous Sodium Bicarbonate

    But I'd like to have at least *some* semblance of expectation that some of these work before purchasing them. Additionally, the idea of ablating solid peroxides was offered by someone outside of our department.

    Does anyone have any knowledge surrounding this scenario with these chemicals or process? Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    Any of the listed carbonates/bicarbonates will work; the ammonium salt gives you a "reverse" reaction possibility.
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    Thanks Bystander! Appreciate your help.

    You wouldn't happen to know of any kind of databases that store UV-Vis spectra on these by any chance, would you?

    Really crossing my fingers here!
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