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More Music Compilations like NOW

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    "Now That's What I Call Music!" is the compilation of cool songs of the year. You can get more info. on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Now_That's_What_I_Call_Music

    I was wondering if you guys know of more compilation like this one.

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    Uh, there are literally thousands of different compilation series in almost every concievable genre of music.

    - Warren
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    Now that's what I call homogenized crap.

    If you love music, you should explore music, develop interests and tastes, and patronize the artists that appeal to you by buying their music, attending their concerts, etc. That's how they make their living. You can do this locally, too, buy attending blues jams, open-mike nights, and performances by local artists. If you really like their music, tell them. The more friendly performers may be willing to talk to you about their influences, so you can dig deeper into the music that moved them. I ran a weekly blues/rock open-mike jam at a local tavern for a few years, and there was only one thing more enjoyable than having a kid and one or both of their parents come up and talk on a break, and find out how I learned guitar and vocals and who influenced me. The most enjoyable thing was having the parents show up with the kid, so they could take part in the jam. No kid was too young, too green, or too unskilled to be welcome, in my book. Over the course of weeks and months, it was so gratifying to watch these kids improve and strive to learn more.
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