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Most logical answer for the universe

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    Unfortunately I have no proof but the reason why the universe MUST be a sphere. If the universe started out as a single point before the big bang, then an explosion would lead matter and energy to expload out from every direction creating an every expanding bubble.

    The universe is not infinite, the reason why there is no edge is the same reason as earth, it's a sphere, it has no edge and thus seems infinite. Keep going in 1 direction long enough and you'll come back to where you started.

    The universe is just too large for us to see the horizon like we can on earth. I think there are many many universes, which are connection by wormholes. Imagine blowing bubbles, if you blow a bubble towards another existing bubble, just before they join they attract to each other and form a tunnel which can be seen in the video below at exactly 19 seconds.


    When two universes collide together, they form a tunnel which sucks the smaller universe into the larger universe until they fully merge into one universe.

    The reason why it takes so long for them to merge, unlike the soap bubbles is because the universes are just so large.

    So if there are many universes connected by tunnels, what is inbetween all the universes? Nothing... just voidness.

    If the Earth is inside the universe, so what are the universes inside? I have no idea :P

    So there we have it, feel completely free to tell me why I'm wrong and feel free to tell me what you think the universe is :)
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    I'll I can tell you is you need to read the rules before posting :)

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