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Motion as an illusion objection

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    i dont understand. why would you delete such topics? does it not fit in your understand of the universe so you delete them? or are you so sure that the concept of the thought is wrong that you just instantly delete any mention of it? thats stupid, sorry but it is, feel free to delete my post or even ban my account if that makes you feel good, im going else were.
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    On PF all posts must be consistent with the mainstream professional scientific literature. The claim that motion is an illusion is not.

    That is certainly your prerogative. It is also the prerogative of our community of professional scientists to avoid sites where "motion is an illusion" type discussions are permitted. We are glad to have your involvement too, for as long as you choose.
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    • It's not physics, it's philosophy.
    • It's not just philosophy, it's bad philosophy.
    • Yesterday "im going else were." - Last Activity, Today. Uh huh.
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