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Complaint Deleting my previous post and my account

  1. May 10, 2016 #1
    I feel embarrassed about what I post and I want to delete it. But I can't do it. Is there anyway for me to delete that post or should I ask the admins about deleting it? Also after the post is deleted I want to delete my account if it is possible. Please don't say you can just go away because we all know that it is not the same. (I also want to remove myself from internet as much as I can)
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    Per our guidelines we won't delete your content or account upon request. What we can do is change your username. PM me with an alternative.
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    So what you are saying is that I have no control over what I post here and I also don't have the ability to delete my own account?
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    That is correct. As stated in the guidelines what you post here should be seen as permanent and for the greater good. As I said, if it's anonymity you are after there are things we can do like change your username, avatar etc.
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    Sure you have - when you post. Then you can edit your post for some limited time, not sure what it is now (used to be several hours).

    That's part of the forum rules you agreed to when registering.
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    Thanks. I wish I never even joined here in the first place. I will take the anonymity then.
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