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Move Over Sudoku; Studies Show Virtual Worlds Can Be Good for Your Health

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    A recent story on Forbes.com reported on a new study about the effects of playing massively-multiplayer online games on one’s cognitive abilities. Conducted on a small sample group of 39 adults between the ages of 60 and 77, the study … Continue reading →http://stats.wordpress.com/b.gif?host=virtualnavigator.wordpress.com&blog=11498882&post=875&subd=virtualnavigator&ref=&feed=1

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    The idea that video games like WoW would end up being regulated as "opiates" sounds a little absurd to me...

    but I will definitely testify to the mind-absorbing (my parents call it numbing) effects of video games.

    Sounds a little like "mind over matter"
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    Wow, only 39 people in their sample...seems pretty low to me.
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    Yes. Very small subject size, and also small panel size. I doubt of the applicability of the results.
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