1. Michael Price

    A Massive gauge bosons in QFT in/out states

    Because massive gauge bosons have a finite half life, are they excluded from the (infinitely, asymptotically remote?) in and out states of QFT? Or, to put it another way, are they restricted to the internal legs of Feynman diagrams, i.e. to being virtual only? We can see W and Z tracks in...
  2. Ryan Reed

    Are there Virtual Particles for Every Field?

    Just as there are virtual photons, which are in the EM field, are there virtual particles in fields such as the Higgs and Strong?
  3. B

    Virtual particlea and waves

    If there is such a thing as a virtual particle, is there also such a thing as a virtual wave? what would that actually mean?
  4. ORF

    Mesonic effects in the nuclear structure

    Hello The textbooks about nuclear physics I have read don't explain too much about the Yukawa's model. For example, the textbook Structure of the Nucleus -by Preston and Bhaduri- finish the Yukawa's model with open questions about the "mesonic effects" by virtual pions. And my doubt: are the...