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Movie about kid travelling at the speed of light

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    Do you guys remember that movie about that kid that got onto an ailien spacecract and travelled through space near the speed of light and when he came back it was like 25 years later? What was then name of that movie?
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    Spaceballs? :biggrin:
    ...at least that's what google tells me. I dn't know...
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    Flight of the Navigator? It's a Disney movie I remember seeing and thinking, "why did the boy not get any older?" I was 10 when I saw it and had never heard of relativity. This movie, however, does not have a time difference of 25 years, only eight so I am unsure if it is the one you have in mind.

    Here's a link on a write up someone did: http://mjyoung.net/time/flight.html
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    yeah, is that that movie with the silver spaceship, and then the kid is in like a hostpital or something and his brain is full of information. and then he's in some hospital room, and there's some guys looking at him through 2-way glass and I think there's a robot, and then he's on the spaceship and flying all over the place...in the desert I think.

    ...that's all I rememeber
    and he's in a ditch or something at the beginning of the movie, I believe.
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    Hell yeah, thats it! Thanks.
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    wow i read that whole site. i haven't even seen the movie. that was really long.
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