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Moving a parametric object in mathematica

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    I have define a 3D object with ParametricPlot3D, something similar to a sphere called "obj." I then want to use a matrix, I define as "move," to translate the object around, I have been trying:

    obj = ParametricPlot3D....
    move = AffineTransform[{{1, 1, 2}, {0,1 , 1}, {0, 0, 1}}]

    Graphics3D[GeometricTransformation[obj[], move], Axes -> True]

    But this just returns an error message
    "GeometricTransformation is not a Graphics3D primitive or directive." Is it possible to move an object that has been defined parametrically like this? Is there any other command that will allow me to move this object around?

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    The result of ParametricPlot3D is a Graphics3D object, not a Graphics3D primitive. However, it should have a length of 2 and the first element should be a list of the corresponding Graphics3D primitive and the second element should be a list of the options. So you can use something like:

    Graphics3D[GeometricTransformation[obj[[1]], move]]
    or even
    Graphics3D[GeometricTransformation[obj[[1]], move], obj[[2]]]
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