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MS in mechanical engineering for an electrical

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    I am studying electrical engineering and I will graduate next year, recently I have grown an interest in mechanical engineering , I do not regret choosing electrical engineering,
    I have really enjoyed what I have learned, I regret that I didn't have a chance to double major in EE and ME in my University.

    Can I get an MS in mechanical engineering with a BS in EE , or is it just not possible ,
    I don't mind taking subjects from ME before graduation , but exactly how many subjects do I
    have to take, please help me.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Well of course it's possible. The curricula are quite different obviously, I doubt you've taken many (if any) courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics or the like.

    You'd be well served to talk to a graduate coordinator or your adviser to discuss your plans and what it would exactly entail to make up that knowledge gap. Ultimately it's possible, but may not be with your personal time constraints/expectations.
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    I am pursuing my BE in electrical engg. I am in 3rd year. Can u plz give details as per where are such courses offered and in which universities can i get admission for MS/MTech in mechanical engg. It would be a great help.. Thanx...
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