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MS Office 2010 - purchase doubts

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    MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts

    Dear members,
    Products like Norton Anti Virus, when bought, is valid for one year or two years depending on the type of purchase and we have to renew the subscription periodically. Whether this applies to MS Office 2010? I plan to buy it. It will be waste of money if i have to pay periodically for this. Let me know if i can use MSOffice 2010 as long as I wish, if i buy it. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts

    It's one time.

    I would recommend downloading OpenOffice for free and determine if it meets your needs first.
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    Re: MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts

    Thanks DavidSnider. I ll try Open office first as suggested by you
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    Re: MS Office 2010 -- purchase doubts

    My copy of Office 2000 works as well today for quickly whipping up one-offs and basic typesetting as it did when I bought it back in 1998 (okay, okay, I bought a copy of 2007 when I needed to expand to another full-time computer). With the Compatibility Pack, I can even open Open XML (i.e. .docx, .xlsx, etc.) files!

    I do believe that you can buy annual subscriptions to Office, but I really haven't heard too much about it (including whether or not it's still offered) since it was first introduced a few years back:
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