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Multimeter leads as stimulators?

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    I have a strange biomedical engineering question...

    So I have a Grass square pulse stimulator (similar to the link here http://www.grasstechnologies.com/products/stimulators/stims48.html) which will be run through an isolation unit (the SIU5 http://www.grasstechnologies.com/products/stimulators/stimsiu5psiu6.html).

    Now I'm using this voltage stimulator for an external nerve stimulation procedure. We begin the procedure by using this setup to deliver square wave pulses at about 50-70 volts to determine the exact location of the peroneal nerve (runs down the leg just behind the outside of the knee) before we plug microelectrodes into the nerve itself.

    The problem is that I cannot find an electrode that seems to be the right size/shape to use for this external stimulation procedure. The ideal shape is that of a multimeter lead set (the stimulator is applied just over the nerve and the other pole is run through a sticky electrode attached at the ankle). So my question is: can I use a plain old multimeter lead set for the stimulator pen attached to my square wave generator and isolation unit? Basically, can we run the lead backwards without any issues?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    I'd be inclined to call the Grass technical support folks to ask this question. They really are the best source for this kind of information.
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