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Multiple Sources At Different Frequencies (Probability)

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    My prob theory is rusty and Im a little embarrassed I cant figure this one out - but:

    If we have two sources A and B that are producing an output at different frequencies - say A produces outputs every 100ms and B produces an output every 250ms .. Obviously even if they are perfectly synced, A may be ahead of B at certain times (by up to 50ms)...I am trying to calculate the probability that an event from A will be more recent than B at any point in time

    Can someone help me out with some pointers on this?

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    OK I did some scenarios on paper and it looks like the solution is stupidly simple - the probability of source A running at 250ms intervals being ahead of source B running at 100ms intervals is 0.1 ... I don't know if anyone knows how to prove this more elegantly though..
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