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Music conversion software (to 12 notes only)

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    Greetings PFers
    I've got a Capricorn Electronics Caroling Christmas Bells.

    I'm not going to pay $90 for another music cartridge, so i've decided to program in my own songs... yay!!....

    My trouble is that I need a piece of software to convert some simple music (like a CD of just bells playing) into only 12 notes. There are 12 bells, each of a different note on my Christmas Bell set. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Perhaps I could use a piece of software that makes tablatures (but only 12 notes...)
    I have little musical background, but sufficient engineering experience to do this.

    Thanks for your help.

    Kind regards.
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    Try to google for carol sheet music.
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    Look for very simple MIDI songs, and use those to command the module. There are plenty of MIDI christmas songs, and with an editor you can customize them.

    Basically what you're looking for is converting the midi output to some way to store them on your cartridge, or maybe you can just control it yoruself.
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