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Must choose between these two classes for NEng

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    I am a math major looking to get my Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. Next semester I have to choose between two classes because of scheduling conflict (each class only offers one section; they are 30 minutes apart, but one is at another university which is 30min-1hr drive depending on traffic). I have to choose between:

    Numerical Analysis 2
    Topics included will be numerical methods for systems of equations, differentiation and integration, approximation theory, initial and boundary value problems and problems for ordinary differential equations. Extensive use of computing will be incorporated.


    Radiation Physics
    Characteristics of atomic and nuclear radiations, transition probabilities, radioactivity, classical and quantum-mechanical derivations of cross sections, interactions of photon, neutron, and charged particles with matter.

    Which do I choose?
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    I would say it would depend upon what you plan to focus upon for your PhD. Numerical analysis is good for developing and refining codes for numerous applications such as reactor simulation, neutron transport, etc., assuming you then go on to numerical methods for PDEs.

    Radiation physics looks good for looking at radiation effects upon reactor materials.
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    I have pretty much decided on taking the Radiation physics class because it is a prerequisite for higher level nuclear engineering classes. I am very interested in numerical analysis and simulation but I should be able to pick it up next year. Also, my physics professor told me that my transcript is too purely-math oriented and I need to take some engineering and physics classes to be competitive for graduate applications.

    Thank you for the advice.
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    Have you taken all the prereqs for the radiation physics class?
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    Yes the prerequisites are only Calculus 2 and Calc-based Physics 1.
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