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My biology teacher could barely speak English

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    Capillaries? Sorry about my whining last night, Evo, I was having a bad night. I won't bore you guys with the details. Is there a link where I could learn how to utilize these features. If I want to mark a quote where the OP is featured, the only way I can do it is quote the whole post. But, of course, I just want to pull out the piece I'm commenting on. Also, I find myself typically reluctant to post any maths on here because I have to spell everything out, like h-bar and E=mc^2. Forget any fancy functions with quotients, etc. I obviously know it can be done because I see it here, I just don't know how to do it.
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    Re: Protocol

    Well, no, you can capture the whole quote and then delete the part you don't want, OR you can capture the whole quote, delete everything except the quote tags and then cut and paste the part you DO want into the quote tags.
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    Re: Protocol

    Ok, so you delete within the text, got it. Thanks. Any suggestions on the "Symbolic" notation, is that it? I find myself reluctant to express any maths here because I don't know how do write these things symbolically.
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    Re: Protocol

    Use tex tags. Quote this post to see how.
    [tex]y = x^2[/tex]
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    Re: Protocol

    Like this? You're taxing my cognitive capablilies here, Jimmy, I need to take it slow.
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    Re: Protocol

    Quote my other post again, but this time don't reply to it. Just read it.
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    Re: Protocol

    Use tex tags. Quote this post to see how.
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    Re: Protocol

    This is too hard for me Jimmy, I'm failing.
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    Re: Protocol

    From the Physicsforums FAQ in the Feedback forum:

    How to type mathematical equations here?

    On my Mac, I can see the LaTeX code for any equation by control-clicking on the equation and choosing "Show Math As --> TeX Commands" from the menu that pops up. Someone else can tell you how to do it on Windows with a normal 3-button mouse. Left-click, maybe?
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    Re: Protocol

    You can do the same in windows.

    right click -> show math as -> TeX commands
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