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Schools My First Physic exam at university

  1. Oct 29, 2007 #1
    I'm at chemical engineering as beginner.I will have my first physic exam on 17 November and I can't decide how I should study.Exam includes these subjects:
    Physics and Measurement,
    Motion in one Dimension,
    Motion in Two Dimensions,
    The Laws of Motion,
    Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newton's Laws,
    Work and Kinetic Energy,
    Potential Energy and Conservation Energy.

    My Physic Book : Raymond A. Serway physics Published 2003 (ISBN 0534408559).

    Is there anyone can suggest me a website for studying and problem solving about these subjects?

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    There are many ways to study and generally it depends on how your class is structured. However, often times the best way is to go through the chapters and/or lecture notes and understand all derivations and concepts. It is also of equal or greater importance to understand the homework problems that were given for the chapters to be on the exam. For some this means going through each homework set multiple times. If you have time, you can work additional unassigned problems. There really is not any magical way to prepare for an exam, you should basically just understand all of the material covered up to that point.
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    Work as many homework problems as you can. Don't just do the easy ones. Do the ones that involve independent reasoning beyond just plugging and chugging formulas. How well you are able to do on those type of problems is directly proportional to how well you understand the material.
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    The best and probably easiest way to study for physics exams(like engineering type physics...not physics majors).....is by just doing as many problems as you possibly can. Work them, until you fully understand everything they could possibly throw at you. Then, if more time....try to read the chapters/notes/lectures and see if you can pick up some more "conceptual" stuff....
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