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  1. L

    B Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up

    Does a rubber mat on a device prevent static build up and discharge on a metal device well using it
  2. L

    Clearing for b in a formula

    the equation is not equal not to anything (example: 3x = 6) and i don't know how to resolve [e ^ - (b / 2m) t].
  3. Moises

    I The solar system and the Coriolis effect

    After concluding an investigation about the coriolis effect, I wondered how this phenomenon affected the solar system and in particular the moon. Since the moon is a body that moves within the rotating system formed by the sun and the earth, an apparent deviation in the moon's path would be...
  4. Michael_0039

    Α baseball player throws the ball...

    Hi all ! I wonder if I'm right. (From : Fundamental University Physics, Volume 1 (Mechanics) - (Marcelo Alonso, Edward J.finn) Addison Wesley 1967) This is my try: * I have the Greek version of the book and there is no answer. Thanks.
  5. M

    Which of these methods of propulsion is “best” for future spaceflight?

    Summary: Which of these hypothetical propulsion methods is the best for a spacecraft during Interplanetary flight? Let’s just assume all at this point are cost-effective at the time. Consider the •Safety of the engine •The speed •The efficiency 1.) Monoatomic hydrogen propulsion 2.)...
  6. H

    Calculating the coefficient of friction Given 2 forces and and angle

    i tryed putting all the number into that equation but it does not work, i have no clue if i need to include the angle to solve this or not and if i do i have no clue how i would
  7. lwin

    Vectors Homework

    Can’t seems to find the degree
  8. Kasiopea

    Electric field at the point P

    I got the answer: E(P)=(k*Q)/(3î )−(k*Q*ĵ) /2 Can someone confirm if this is the right answer?
  9. V

    I Unknown formula

    What is this formula? q=λ⋅S⋅∪_x What does s and lambda mean?
  10. Boltzman Oscillation

    I Law of conservation of angular momentum

    Given the figure, how can i arrive to this formula knowing that angular momentum is conserved? I know that p = mv and L = p x r. So the initial momentum will be L1 = mV x R and the final momentum will be L2 = mv x r. I am not sure how R will equal to b since the distance between the...
  11. B

    B Measurement of temperature

    What is the difference in temperature with different thermometers for the same object? Thanks !
  12. C

    Definition of work done by torque

    I' m trying to derive the work done by a torque from W = ∫ F ⋅ ds and I' ve looked up the internet, it said: W = ∫ F ⋅ ds ( since ds = dθ × r ) ---------------------------------------- ( Line 1 ) it can be written as W = ∫ F ⋅ dθ x r this is a vector triple product , thus can also...
  13. devilish_wit

    Short conceptual question on Work, Energy and Forces

    Homework Statement (Please check the attached image) 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Those are my answers. I thought the magnitude of the applied force would be bigger because that would be responsible of keeping the block on that spot without having it pulled back by the...
  14. E

    Calculate the mass when not hanging it in dynamometer

    Homework Statement Hello! I have a physics problem that I can't solve. I'm supposed to describe how I can calculate the mass when knowing the µv (I don't know the english term but i'm guessing friction...something (friction when the object is not moving)). You are allowed to use a dynamometer...
  15. Andromeda9010

    Teaching high school students for the first time

    Hello, I have been accepted for a physics teacher position in a high school. This would be my first job ever. I taught "tutored" students before in my home university for two semesters, and I think I am a good teacher. But, I feel that teaching high school students is totally different. I am...
  16. J

    A Absorption spectrum

    Hi everyone, I have an absorption spectrum that I obtained from a sample after radiation and I need to use the background sample as a reference, how can I do that using excel? what I did is subtract the radiated from the background spectrum then plot it, is that right? Thanks.
  17. H

    Find the minimum distance between 2 particles

    Homework Statement A point particle of mass m and charge q(>0) approaches to a point particle Q(>0) at a fixed position. When the distance between the two particles is L, the speed of the moving particle is v. The permittivity of the vacuum is denoted as Epsilon0. Find the minimum distance...
  18. Jeviah

    Can the only reaction force (to gravity) be friction?

    Homework Statement If you have an object say in a vertical pipe, which only has a gravitational force acting on it would the reaction forces only be friction forces? If this is the case how would you calculate the forces? would you calculate the friction force using the friction coefficient or...
  19. Jeviah

    Does the angle of a beam fixed at two points affect the method?

    Homework Statement if a beam fixed at two points is on an angle say 45 degrees from the x or y axis instead of running parallel to x axis in most questions does this effect calculations? The force acting upon it would be a load directly downwards Homework Equations N/A The Attempt at a...
  20. M

    What is this error in Maxwell Ansys -- 'Transient solver handles only isotropic conductivity!'

    Hi, I am working on Maxwell version 17. I have a simple motor to analysis 2D FEM. However, when I analyze the model, I see this error. "Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d error: Internal Solver Error: 'Transient solver handles only isotropic conductivity!'. (7:07:10 PM Apr 16, 2018)" I am...
  21. Non Euclidean

    Other Can a physicist study evolutionary biology? How can I do?

    Hello, I’m an undergraduate physics student. Recently, I recognize that I am interested in evolution and I want to study life’s origin. When I preferred physics, because I want to learn how nature works. Now, I am not only interested in how nature works, also I’m passionate for neuroscience and...
  22. melo

    I Understanding Bernoulli's Principle

    My understanding of Bernoulli's Principle is something like this: Pressure is inversely proportional to velocity. Fluid flowing through smaller cross-sectional area has increase velocity & decrease in pressure. Also P = F/A.... so would force also decrease for fluid going through small area...
  23. Muhammad Usman

    B What is the Significance of the Electric field in a closed circuit

    Hi, I am confused about the electric field lines which are depicted mostly on the Internet as per conventional way. What I understand that the conventional current was due to positive charges which was wrong. Actual flow of the current was due to the negative charges or electrons. When the...
  24. H

    Find the current induced in a wire loop by a nearby current

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution When the circuit moves creates magnetic force that moves the some charges in the wire and that is a current. That is what i thought. F = Q.v B sin theta B = ( permeability Of vacuum* I)/(2pi.r) But how to find the I? Thank...
  25. D

    Question about vacuum powered projectiles

    I'm writing a novel and wanted to research a possible weapon I came up with to make sure the physics are at least possible. However, I could not find anything on vacuum-based projectiles other than ping-pong balls, while this is interesting, but it doesn't answer my question on what would happen...
  26. rhiana

    Physics help to measure friction

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a technical forum and thus no template.> Here’s the question Design a simple expirament that you could carry out in your own home to i) determine coefficient of friction between your object and surface ii) prove that coefficient of static friction is only...
  27. C

    B What is Rotation

    As a student taking my first step into rotational physics in a classroom filled with students who have a year of this ahead of me I beg for help! :P So what is Rotational velocity? What does it define? How do signs work with rotation? What does its acceleration mean? Angular Velocity is...
  28. C

    The equation to find the frequency of a bouncing ball

    [Mentors' note: No template because this thread was moved from the General Physics forum] Ok so first of all believe me i would not make a new post if i found the answer anywhere online but i i couldnt find it. Right now i am doing an experiment to find the frequency of a bouncing ping-pong...
  29. Sainvictus

    Examine the following circuit. Now complete the table.

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  30. A

    How exactly do motors and generators work by using magnetic fields?

    So I know if you move a charge in a magnetic field it induces voltage and hence a flow of charge is created which is current. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong). But that's pretty basic right. However, I'm having trouble understanding the use of split rings in the functioning of a motor. I would...