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My first year of my physics/pre-med program is almost done . . .

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    My first year of my physics/pre-med program is almost done (studying at UoWestern ontario.) I have heard some students say that they are going to pass on research so that they may take more courses to finish off their degree a year earlier(by taking 3 summers of courses to finish a 4 year program in only 3.)

    Now that summer is only months away, should i concider this approach and go right into my master's program or enter medical school.Will my graduate school(for physics) prefer that i do some research?

    I'm concidering this since im a non-trad student. I graduated last year(21) from a community college in electromechanical engineering technology. Now 22 i'm looking into my future and see myself doing either 2 things.try and get a academic career going in physics or go to medical school. I would rather take the time to study then do research if i do decide to attend medical school.

    My mind isn't made up just yet, so any feedback would be gladly appreciated.
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    Physics graduate school admissions committees will look for research experience.

    One question I am not sure about is if graduating in 3 years is looked highly on by the medical school admissions committees. (Physics graduate committees don't really look for this... they look for good test scores, GPA, and RESEARCH!)

    I do, however, know several undergrads (physics majors) that graduated in 4 years, did significant amounts of research in physics groups, then went to excellent medical schools. They studied hard for their MCATs and also took many extra courses in chemistry and biology.

    One (long program) that you could look into and prepare for is an MD/PhD program. They are highly competitive... and are both grad school and med school. Your thesis research (done after a year or two of med school classes) would be medical-related, then after your thesis you would return to do medical residency.

    Take all this with this in mind... my experience with both graduate schools and MD/PhD programs is USA in origin.
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