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My friend let me play with his dead body!

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    My best friend who is currently in medical school took me to see his body last night. What an experience! I was surprised how actually tough the human heart feels. Solid muscle. If they ever wanted to make the PERFECT pillow they would make them out of human lungs.
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    He took you to see his body? Must have been the cadaver..I hope
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Now that's one that never occurred to me!

    One night while studying at the hospital I found myself sitting alone in a room with a dead guy. That alone was a very strange experience. I can hardly imagine cutting into a cadaver.
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    It actually didn't bother me at all. The only thing was the smell. Never before have I been around so much death, there were probably 50 bodies in there. The body's torso was completely skinned and the rib cage was neatly cut so that you could basically flip it up like a car hood and examine the upper organs. It actually did remind me of the dissections I did on the fetal pigs and on a cat, so anyone who says that you can use a computer program to learn anatomy instead of working with a real dead animal are really full of crap. The brain was completely taken out since it doesn't preserve well. It was kind of weird looking into an empty skull cavity of a dead person and being able to look through the eyes.
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    A strange experience? Ahh, the niceties of today's American life.
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