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My past manager probably doesn't like me I need a reference

  1. Feb 14, 2015 #1
    I'm a STEM major, college sophomore, looking for an internship this summer and a place I'm applying to needs 3 references, after I finished my interviewed there. I tried contacting my manager from my intern position last year asking if she'd be a reference. Problem is she didn't respond after a week, and I'm afraid she doesn't like me all that much. I definitely did do things there that I regret, like spending too much time on non-work related sites, and I'm not too sure if she was aware of that or not, but I felt like I could've done better without the distractions. So anyways, I'm afraid this might screw up my chances for an internship this summer. Who else should I ask as references? Are 2 TAs from past courses and perhaps a coworker last summer be good enough? Anything else could I do? How bad of a position am I in in terms of getting an internship this summer, or that internship position in particular? For that particular position, I did feel like I aced the interview, so that's the one thing I could see really going for me.
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    I think you're over worrying here. Coworkers could work since they must've seen you at your best and even better if they worked there full time. The manager may not be responding simply because there's more pressing things to do.

    I've worked with students Who have the same problem . I send an email and they don't respond for a week or more. The excuse is always like I don't check that email address very much and I wonder why they didn't give a better one. Later then they'll want a recommendation and I dont know after writing if I'm sending it to a dead letter address or not.
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