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Physics My physics loving friend needs your help

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    I have a friend who has a Masters in physics. He's a bit stuck in terms of career right now and a PhD in physics doesn't seem like an option. I'm trying to help him and I'd like to know about jobs that might hire a Physics master.

    I'm completely ignorant as to the world's reality when it comes to this. Physics outside of academia is something I'm unaware of.

    I'd really appreciate your help in coming up with as much options as possible since I'm clueless about the area. Who hires physicists in the job world? What options are available to a physicist out there? Thanks in advance people :)
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    So why isn't he here for his sake? He should know better, no offense.

    Anyhow, can you tell us more about him? Forum members don't have enough information in order to be able to give the best advice they can.
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    So are you your friend from another account?!?! HAHAHA!!! "I've got this friend..."

    Okay, so you went through school, got your Masters, no internships or work experience, and are just now realizing that you have to go get a job and don't know where to start? I feel your pain man, I really do. I majored in Math and took the similar approach of not defining a career path before graduation. What I did was end up in engineering, and now I'm going back to school at night to get an engineering degree, because you need it to get licensed as an engineer, and you need to be licensed to make the big bucks and not get pushed around. Sorry, I don't really have any good advice for you, I don't know many people with Physics degrees. Good luck though.
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    I'm at home and thought of helping him as I could so it's not like he asked me to post.

    As for further information I don't know exactly, what you mean? Like age and such? He is in his early 30s. I just started the topic to get some general information on what a guy with a masters in physics could expect from the real world outside of academia. I don't know the details of his education to be honest.
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    It would be really good to know what he had specialized in at the university and which skills he might have acquired that have not been part of the formal curriculum (programming, experimental / engineering skills).

    I think this is a very good thread to start:

    It is called "career options for theoretical physicists" but most of them apply to physics in general.

    For expermental physicists I would add engineering jobs - but this depends on what he did in his master's. E.g. my colleagues with an experimental physics background were concerned with developing quite diverse stuff: solar cells, engines for cars, measurement devices used in steel industry, laser welding devices, quantum cryptographic devices. Often the master thesis or PhD thesis was related to a project involving their future employer.

    You typically advance from a role as technical specialist to the role of a (project) manager later.
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