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I My stupid question about particle-wave duality

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    Again, my knowledge of quantum physics is so poor, I have no reference to give me any idea about the measure of stupidity of this question, so please bear with me.:

    Could it be that the nature of a ‘particle’ doesn’t change? That when decoherence occurs the wave function collapses into a new very localized source of wave propagation?
    That every particle pretty much is and always propagates as a wave and decoherence only selects a new point of a source of a wave? Is this a valid way of thinking about it?

    Perhaps decoherence is a phenomenon somewhat similar to when solar magnetic field lines get too convoluted and snap and reset into a simpler form?

    Another question I have is: Does decoherence occur gradually somehow or is it literally instantaneous?
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    In the famous words of Pauli, this is "not even wrong."

    PhysicsForums is not the place for personal speculations. If you want to learn actual quantum mechanics, there are plenty of people here who will gladly help you.

    Thread closed.
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