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My teeth bit down hard on an iron bar

  1. Dec 30, 2006 #1
    The hard iron bar called irony, that is.

    The irony of toothaches. My sadistic dentist informs me, my wisdom teeth are coming in all wrong and will necessarily need amputation. Poor hypocrite me, I had declared I'd sooner die naturally than go under the knife; now I've given in, to schedule the un-Geneva-convention-ly surgery sometime this summer. I guess I'm just not martyr material. :frown:

    Moderate gum irritation today. This time, I went over to the CVS and looked for otc's. Two choices, benzocaine and eugenol. Went with benzocaine (eugenol label said it wasn't for gums). Hurray for instant pain relief! Hurray for benzocaine!

    ethyl! 4-amino! BENZoate! yay!
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    Math Is Hard

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    aw, Rach. Sorry to hear that. I promise it's not that big a deal. Just ask around and get a good oral surgeon who will give you general anethesia. They put you to sleep and you wake up and it's all over. I am kicking myself for being such a baby and not doing it sooner.
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    Wow, I wish I had a general anaesthetic when I had a root canal done. But I got used to the injection in my mouth after a couple of sessions, and more importantly, the dentist was my cousin. :)
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    Don't worry, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. I ate a steak the night after my "amputation." Also, the percoset was a nice treat, I must admit.:tongue2:
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