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Medical My unusual problem with Bread .

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    Hello .

    first of all , this is not a joke , this is a very serious situation and the only reason i am not seeing a doctor for this is the fact that i am afraid of being laughed at .
    my main problem is that i eat too much bread with meals , if dinner is macaroni for example .. i eat a large amount of bread with it , so much that my mouth get's stuffed with bread from time to time ...
    my mother thinks this is some sort of an addiction or a very bad habit , i wanted to stop but the thing is i cannot .
    whenever i eat anything i just have an unusual desire to eat bread with that .even pizza ...

    am i an addict ? or am i sick ? or is this normal ?
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    As you know, we cannot offer any diagnosis or give any medical advice. Please talk with your family doctor about this. There are a number of possible causes, and only your doctor will be able to help you and your family figure this out.
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